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About Us

ILA-WALES CIC is managed by a voluntary Team of Directors, who receive no salary. The only income they may receive is a small fee for providing their professional service to the organisation or to a specific Project.

Team Members


Patricia Rodríguez Martínez Jones

Director of Heritage & Communication

Patricia, a dual national (Colombian and British), defines herself as a pacifist, humanist and environmentalist.

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Carlos Ibarra-Rivadeneira

Director of Volunteering

Definitely I consider myself a humanist. All my vocation, background and education revolve around the human being and its multitude of possibilities.

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Nicholas Alexander Jones

Director of Membership

I am a trained and experienced translator and interpreter. I love travelling, reading and watching rugby.

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Jessica Catherine Valdivia Canales


My name is Jessica Valdivia, I am married and a mum of two beautiful children.

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Ruth Davies

Director of Health & Wellbeing

Hi, my name is Ruth, and I was a member of ILA-WALES when it was first formed.

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Malcolm Boorer

Director of the Film Club

Malcolm's career was in local government housing, followed by consultancy work, including assignments with the United Nations.

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Jorge Antonio Aguilar Alvarado

Assistant Director of Finances

Finance professional with over 20 years of experience in accounting, financial auditing, risk management and prevention of money laundering.

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Peter Kenneth Jones

Director of Sustainability

I am Peter Jones, ILA-WALES Director for Sustainability.

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Marvin Alexander Valencia Alfaro.


I am Marvin Alexander Valencia. I enjoy spending free time with my family and learning new things.

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We are a group of Ibero-Latin American, Welsh and English people who have joined forces to work
for our community in order to preserve, strengthen and enhance the heritage of our cultures and
languages, as well as to share them with other local and national communities. To this end, we
organise activities and projects that benefit our members and make them grow, showing kindness,
mutual respect and solidarity with each other. ​
Learn more about our Directors and Treasurer.

"Human greatness does not reside in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are people, and all people have flaws and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a fundamental goodness."

- Ana Frank -

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main aim is to preserve and enhance the Iberian and Latin American Heritage and to share it with the local community in Wales. To achieve this, we organise activities, events and carry out projects, either on our own or coproducing them with other like-minded organisations.

Whilst participating in our activities, our members are able to integrate into Welsh society and exchange their culture and heritage with other members interested in them. At the same time, they learn about and understand Welsh and British culture and organisations in order to navigate through the system successfully. Moreover, ILA-WALES CIC provides support and solidarity to any vulnerable members, such as asylum-seekers and refugees, and, if necessary, signposts them to the right organisation or individual in order to meet their needs and requests.

Specifically, through our activities, events and projects, ILA-WALES CIC encourages and promotes:

  • physical activity and mental well-being (e.g. Ibero-Latin American Heritage Dance Project)

  • sustainability, which is at the heart of all that we do (e.g. Creation of a Community Garden)

  • creativity through art and creative writing, photography and film-making (e.g. Cartoneras Workshops & Photography Workshops)

  • language exchange (e.g. Spanish<>English Conversation Club)

  • digital inclusion (e.g. Tackling Digital Poverty Project)

  • discussion and exchange of ideas (e.g. Film Club)

  • reading and poetry (e.g. Mobile Multilingual Library & Poetry Recitals)

  • music training and concerts from the Ibero-Latin American diaspora (e.g. Musical Pals Project)

  • Ibero-Latin American cuisine (e.g. Cookery Workshops)

  • education and other training, liaising with like-minded organisations

Our Vision

We will provide a voice for all Ibero-Latin Americans in Wales and do so with kindness, friendliness, honesty and solidarity to contribute to the creation of a better multicultural Wales.

We will provide a space for Ibero-Latin Americans to thrive, develop their skills, share and enhance their talents and abilities.

We will be a platform for change, enthusiasm, creativity and hope, where there will be exchanges of languages and cultures based on respecting equality in diversity of our various Ibero-Latin American and Welsh/British heritages.

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