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Enterprise Carnival

A grand celebration of inclusivity, culture, innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship. Join us at The HQ Urban Kitchen in Swansea, Friday, 17th November, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Read More

This event will include an entrepreneurship competition, an exhibition, cultural music performances, a keynote speech and a panel discussion.

Are you an entrepreneur, aspiring or otherwise? You can enter our competition:

- Winner: £1,000 Business Grant, Coaching & More.

- Runner-Up: £500 Business Grant & Support.

If you’d like to enter this competition, submit your business idea now, and begin preparation for the exhibition - Sign up via the form below:

We recognise that our community is home to numerous individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations, and we have an outstanding platform for kick-starting their projects. We would appreciate it if you could share this with all your groups so that more people can benefit from these opportunities.

If you want to enjoy the event go to this link:

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