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Project 1 - Heritage Dance Group

Updated: 1 day ago

Our dancers Ingrid and Katherine reported that there are 8 ILA-WALES members ready to start the Dance Group (Stage 1 (pilot): to choreograph a few dances, decide on music and costumes). This project starts on Friday 7th February 2020, between 6 and 8 pm at the Hub (Back Dance Studio, 3rd floor).

Once the group has choreographed a few dances, they will be ready to start Stage 2: teaching learners the choreographed dances.

For the final Performance (Stage 3), we will be in the main Hub Theatre (Arts Wing) and it will be open to the public at large; there will be a charge.

Heritage Dance Rehearsals


Presentation "El Sueño Existe"



IberoLatinXpression Heritage Dance Group wishes to thank the following organisations for their sponsorship, ensuring the success and continuation of this exciting project

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