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within post-pandemic times Find a job, plan, and built your future
  • You have moved to the UK with valuable knowledge and skills. How do you start using them in a CV to apply for that first job that could take you where you want to be?

  • This series of free workshops will support you to enter the job market with a clear understanding of what is available, and with an eye to your future prospects.

  • The workshops will take you through planning, thinking, searching, judging, using resources available and gaining confidence. The aim will be to help you find a job in which you could base a future career.

Constanza Martinez, who has an MA in Management, will be leading these workshops which draw on her own experience in pursuing a career in the UK, mainly in the public sector.

Dates: Every Thursday, from 6 th October to 5 th November (5 sessions + online support)

Register for a session either at 10am OR at 4pm (Week 1: 2 hrs p/w / Weeks 2 to 5: 3 hrs p/w)

Where? The Grand Multicultural Hub AND The Environment Centre.

Transport refund for asylum seekers.


Organised by ILA-WALES CIC: Iberians & Latin Americans in Wales

Funded by Community Foundation Wales

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