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Peter Kenneth Jones

Director of Sustainability

I am Peter Jones, ILA-WALES Director for Sustainability.  I have a degree in Politics and International Studies from Southampton University and have been engaged in politics here in the UK for most of my adult life: this has led me into environmentalism and ‘green’ politics, including the concept of sustainable development (SD).  SD is about living and doing things within the resource capacity of our planet – thinking about what is needed globally and then acting locally.

ILA-WALES has members drawn from many parts of the world, principally, of course, from Latin America and from Spain/Portugal.  This gives us a pool of knowledge and experience about how best to live in accordance with SD criteria.  We need to learn from each other and share widely what we have learned. 

My personal focus is with restoring the world for Nature, i.e., biodiversity, which currently is crashing.  Living sustainably is the way forward.  Currently, I am engaged with creating a community garden and would welcome practical help with this.

Peter Kenneth Jones

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